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Deciding to Become an SLP — September 19, 2015

Deciding to Become an SLP

ChildhoodOver the weekend, one of my best friends asked how and why I decided to become a speech-language pathologist. I admit, it seemed that very suddenly I had completely changed my career objective. Even my husband said this at first. So, here’s my story. Per the picture, it started a long time ago.

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Prologue — July 9, 2015


The Last Night in Berkeley (photo by @exwhite87)

Four years ago, I moved to Chicago with my best friends for a one-year adventure after graduation. Here’s a secret:  I actually started a blog so I could document the experience and process everything I would learn. I wrote exactly one entry (spoiler:  I hadn’t even left the Bay Area yet). Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I’m taking steps to set myself up for success this time.

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