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Chicago: Ipsento — October 2, 2015

Chicago: Ipsento

Ipsento Website

In New York I’ve found myself thinking about Chicago often. Perhaps it’s the urban environment or the City Year backpack I’ve been using. Maybe it’s the contrast of staying in hectic Times Square and not being able to pocket a subway map that have made me miss my quaint neighborhood and CTA routine. No matter the reason(s), it seems time to write more about my year of service. Topic of the day? My favorite Chicago coffee shop.

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Chicago: An Anniversary — July 22, 2015

Chicago: An Anniversary

Chicago Bean (photo by @samorrow)Sometime during college, my roommates and I decided that we would all take on a new city together after graduation. Before any of us had marriages, mortgages, careers, or kids. We wanted to move somewhere just because we had the freedom to. After a few pro/con lists and some research into potential graduate schools, mission venues, and service programs… we landed on Chicago.

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Prologue — July 9, 2015


The Last Night in Berkeley (photo by @exwhite87)

Four years ago, I moved to Chicago with my best friends for a one-year adventure after graduation. Here’s a secret:  I actually started a blog so I could document the experience and process everything I would learn. I wrote exactly one entry (spoiler:  I hadn’t even left the Bay Area yet). Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I’m taking steps to set myself up for success this time.

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