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Visit with the Langers — October 23, 2015

Visit with the Langers

Benziger Family WineryMark’s parents came to visit our new place in Palo Alto over the weekend. We had a grand time and ate extremely well.

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Travel: San Diego — September 17, 2015
Current Book: Running in the Dark — September 7, 2015
Current Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? — August 20, 2015

Current Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

This is my first week after leaving work. Since my lineup of speech path volunteering gigs and fall quarter classes won’t start till September,  I found myself with some good ole fashion time off. What have I been up to? Errands, socializing, the apartment hunt, and lighthearted reading. In other words, here’s a half-hearted attempt at justifying my post-work existence.

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Travel: Minnesota — August 9, 2015
Prologue — July 9, 2015


The Last Night in Berkeley (photo by @exwhite87)

Four years ago, I moved to Chicago with my best friends for a one-year adventure after graduation. Here’s a secret:  I actually started a blog so I could document the experience and process everything I would learn. I wrote exactly one entry (spoiler:  I hadn’t even left the Bay Area yet). Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I’m taking steps to set myself up for success this time.

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