San Diego SunsetI ventured to San Diego for a getaway with my college roommates, Kira and Amanda. It was our first annual trip together since we can no longer rely on multiple weddings every summer to reunite. We ate, endured the heat wave, and napped. Ideal? Yes.

Friday. Mark lovingly drove me to the airport at 5:28 in the morning so I could abandon him for the weekend, or so he would frame it. Long suffering and noble, that husband of mine. I had the most important meal of the day care of Southwest (pretzels and coffee, a breakfast combination you need never try) and made it to Southern California easily. Amanda picked me up right on schedule. Originally we were going to drive directly from the airport to San Diego but she got called into work. She hopped out of her car and I drove to the LA central library. I’d only been once before when Mark was starting law school in LA. It’s gorgeous. We did make it out of downtown before noon and had pleasant drive south. Plenty of time to chat in the carpool lane. We got to Kira’s, who gave us a grand tour of her new place, which is both adorable and adult. What more could you want for your best friend? We walked to a nearby coffee shop in University Heights to cool off, caffeinate, and dream up the weekend agenda. In the evening we hit Target, walked around Ocean Beach, enjoyed Pizza Port, and watched my first episode of Doctor Who! Kira very wisely chose a stand alone episode from season three, Blink.

Saturday. The birthday girl made us coffee, which we enjoyed on her front porch. Kira sat in a throne (lawn chair) while Manda and I took the steps and showered her with Anthropoligie gifts. We then took off (in unintentionally matching grey tops) for Donut Bar downtown, which was spectacular. Instead of eating right away Kira took us to one of her favorite spots on the waterfront. Shelter Island was serenely quiet and had a clear view of the San Diego skyline, perfect for donuts with your best friends. We went back home for a mid-morning nap with Sleepless in Seattle in the background, since that’s what was on TV. Then Kira’s sister joined us for a Coronado beach trip. After days of heat wave (both back home and down south), it was incredibly refreshing to get in the water. I think the best part was sitting on the shore in the shallow waves, where the water couldn’t fully recede before the next round came through to cool us. We got very sandy and rinsed off before dinnertime. Friends had planned to meet us at 7:30 in the evening, so we had a stroll and sushi before gathering everyone at Barrel Republic. Barrel Republic is amazing! They have 52 drinks on tap and you go around scanning in with your wristband trying however much or little of anything you like, which is reasonably priced by ounce. More importantly, Manda and I got to meet Kira’s new crowd that we’ve been hearing about. We topped off with CREAM and went home at a reasonable hour, which was perfect.

Sunday. We had a leisurely morning, featuring brunch at a French cafe. The most memorable part was breaking two mimosa glasses within minutes of each other. Were were able to laugh about it (a lot) but you can’t help but think people think you’ve had too much. I promise we’re just a bit clumsy and the glasses were especially prone to shattering. We took our time saying goodbyes, but left around noon. Manda and I drove back up pretty easily and had a nice time at her place before my flight home. We watched Are You the One? (my first trashy TV show, thanks to Kira’s introduction) and enjoyed a snack on her roof. That was my favorite part – sitting on Manda’s roof, hearing about her neighborhood, savoring the quiet breeze. My flight was seamless. I hand wrote the letter I’d drafted at the library and was home in no time.

Thank you, Kira and Manda, for eight years of friendship. I have no idea where I’d be without you. And I’m excited for getaway weekends together to come and everything in between.